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A guide to customizing bridal sash

by Millie Icaro May 17, 2014

As you lovelies probably know by now, we have a long-standing love affair with Bridal Sashes and belts. Glamorous, achingly gorgeous and utterly lust-worthy, each of our bridal sashes can be customized in the following ways.

1. We can change the color of the stone settings, beads and the thread. An example of this is the Alba Bridal Sash

2. We can change just the thread and leave the stone settings to either silver of gold. The Viva bridal dress sash is an example of this.

3.We can increase the length of the sash for all repetitive patterns. We can change the length on most of the other sashes as well. Even though the change in length sounds simple, we still need to start from the pattern art work. Therefore, please make sure you plan well in advance. An example of this is the italia bridal sash in a variety of lengths. We do not do increments in 2 to 3 inches. The minimum would be about 4 to 5 inches.

4. For certain designs we can change the width of the sash. The Valeria bridal sash is an example of this

Feel free to email us if any questions.

Millie Icaro
Millie Icaro

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