Site Help - How to Check Out

January 10, 2013

Site Help - How to Check Out with paypal and credit card( Regular and with Discount Codes)

Step 1: - On the item page, click on "Add to Cart"


Step 2:-  Click on "Check out with Paypal" - this is the Paypal button . You can use this option even though you don't have a paypal account and want to use credit card. The payment gateway is still paypal as it is secured

At this point you can also add special instructions, like ribbon color or anything we discussed on the emails. It's easier to follow the comments on the order than the emails.

Step 3:- After you hit "Check out with Paypal"on step 2, it will bring you to the below screen.

If you have a paypal account, you can click on "Have a Paypal Account Link"


Fill in the credit card details

At the bottom of the page click on "Review and Continue". Paypal will then show you the shipping address. Then click on Continue

Additional Notes :-  At this point you only see the item price.

Ensure that the shipping address is correct, at times customers have really old address on paypal. So please do ensure the shipping address is correct.

Step 4:-  After step 3, it brings you to this secure page where you see the item price / sales tax ( if applicable) and shipping cost. At this point you can also key in the discount code and click on apply

Scroll down the screen to review the shipping option, and then click o "Complete Purchase"

Thank you !

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