Gold + Pink + Ivory Inspired Fall Wedding Trends

December 04, 2016

Fall is joyful, everyone is in a mood of celebrating and gathering. It's the perfect season for hosting a bridal shower. This trend originated....

Rosegold wedding trends this fall

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Latest Gold Trends for Fall Weddings

November 13, 2016

Hottest Gold Wedding Trends

Gold Themed wedding ideas

A fall wedding calls for the warmest of colors. As leaves change into a bright orange or gold colors....

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Wedding Garters

November 05, 2016

Bridal Garters


Bridal Garters have withstood the test of time and have been touted as an indispensable wedding item. Sheila Williams explains how garters dating back to the 18th century were “heavily embroidered with names, dates, and even phrases.”

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Rosegold Wedding Ideas

June 12, 2016

Rosegold Wedding Accessories

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Bridal belts in gold or silver

February 27, 2016

All items can be done either in gold or silver. Here is the latest Perle sash in gold

Bridal sash with pearls and gold

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Barbara's Dress Ditting Date

February 07, 2016

Bridal sash

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Congratulations Katie!

January 23, 2016

Beaded bridal belt

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Tulip Sash - Sharing the Love!

January 02, 2016

Good quality bridal sashes

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Beautiful bride Tannis

October 10, 2015

We are happy to share these stunning pictures of our bride Tannis.

bridal bracelet

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Wedding dress back details

December 22, 2014

There is always something whimsical about wedding dress back details. Almost every designer now focuses on the back details of the wedding dress. Even a simple wedding dress can be given a designer look by using a beaded shoulder embellishments, large statement necklaces.

Here are a few inspiring collection on wedding dresses with back details. We offer custom embellishments for brides who plan on working on custom wedding dress. We can work with you if you have a pattern cut out .

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Oh so beautiful wedding papers

December 02, 2014

Oh so beautiful papers !! So much effort is spent in deciding miniscule details of wedding invitations and thank you cards. Hours of careful deliberation are invested in choosing the exact shade of colors that aesthetically please the viewer. These designs and colors aren't a matter of compromise but an art of extracting the perfect symphony of lines and blends to fit the vision of the wedding. What about the coasters? Won't it be fun to take the good paper styles all the way to the drinks? Here are a few great pieces of stationery for your big day. Not just on the wedding day, all of these make great wedding keepsakes too.

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Gold Wedding Ideas

November 25, 2014

Gold is timeless and always stylish in weddings. Here are a few ideas to add gold to your wedding. Gold color can be added to deserts, gold bridal accessories, decor or even to the wedding dress!! Below are some ideas and inspiration to include gold in your wedding.

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